James Acaster to host brand-new TV show

james acaster, a man stands with hands on hips wearing a red check shirt
James Acaster to host brand-new TV showEamonn McCormack - Getty Images

James Acaster has landed a role as a host for a brand new television show, with the comedian set to front a game show.

As per the British Comedy Guide, Acaster will lead a new Channel 4 series currently going by the name of James Acaster: People Person, with the concept being based on an idea that the comedian had floated around during an appearance on Question Team.

james acaster, a man stands with hands on hips wearing a red check shirt
Eamonn McCormack - Getty Images

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People Person will see Acaster ask fellow comedians to predict which member of a line-up is the answer to each question, with the audience heavily involved as they play for a chance to win a share of the prize fund.

“This is more than just a pilot,” said Acaster in a statement. “It's the co-pilot, flight attendants, passengers and the bloke with the paddles on the runway. This is about people. And I'm a people person. Let's do this.”

Whilst Acaster may be best known in the UK for his stand-up comedy and stint on Taskmaster, the star recently announced himself on the international stage with a role in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, a part that he had longed for.

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“His name's Lars Pinfield, he works in the Ghostbusters' lab as a scientist and inventor,” he said when describing his character. “Maybe he likes ghosts more than he likes people, but he's finally found the group that he belongs in.

“I mean, it feels too big to comprehend a lot of the time. I've loved Ghostbusters since I can remember – [I] had the backpack, lunchbox and watched the cartoons all the time, so it feels like you're stepping into something that's always been a part of your life. Maybe when I watch this [film] it'll sink in a bit more.”

James Acaster: People Person currently has no release date. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is now to stream on Prime Video, iTunes and Microsoft Store.

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