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'Jackass' cast causes utter chaos on 'Celebrity Family Feud' finale: 'He tased his ass!'

The cast of Jackass Forever, led by creators Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine, battled it out on the Celebrity Family Feud season finale Thursday. As you could imagine, the entire episode was full of laughs. However, it was also filled with some punishments for wrong answers.

After Dave England responded "number two" to the prompt: "Tell me something you'd hate to have happen while you're making love in an airplane bathroom," Knoxville quickly, and unexpectedly, walked over to England and tased him right in the chest. The unexpected shock was so shocking to England, that his body actually catapulted to the ground by at least four feet. "I'm sorry, Steve, but that was a terrible answer," said Knoxville.

Host Steve Harvey couldn't believe what he just saw as he screamed, "He tased his ass!"

"We're gonna have to try harder, team," Knoxville simply stated. And later in the game, Danger Ehren also gave an answer Knoxville thought was "stupid," so he got zapped too. Ehren didn't have quite as strong of a reaction as England, probably because he was anticipating the taser, as he shared, "I don't know, I can't think straight. I'm freaking out!"

But the tasing wasn't limited to just his teammates. In fact, when Knoxville himself gave a wrong answer, he pulled out the taser and shocked himself.

Meanwhile, Harvey still couldn't believe Knoxville would go to such aggressive lengths to punish his team, as he told the Jackass star: "You know, when your teammate gives an answer, you're supposed to go, 'Good answer. Good answer.' You're not supposed to punish him by tasing his ass."

Video transcript

DAVE ENGLAND: I'm sorry. Ah!

- Whoa. What the--

- Damn.

- I got you, Dave.

- Oh my god, dude.


JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: I'm sorry, Steve. But that was a terrible answer.

- On the "Celebrity Family Feud" season finale, Thursday, the cast of "Jackass" led by creators, Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine battled it out. And while the entire episode was full of laughs, it was also filled with some punishments for wrong answers.


STEVE HARVEY: He tased his ass.

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: We're going to have to try harder, team.

- Hey, good luck.

- Oh no.

STEVE HARVEY: He said, that's a horrible answer. [IMITATES TASER] Man, I'm sweating.

- For the rest of the show, Knoxville straight up tased anyone on his team who gave what he deemed a terrible answer.

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: Stupid answer.


DANGER EHREN: I don't know. I can't think straight. I'm freaking out.

- And that included himself.

STEVE HARVEY: You got two strikes.


- Whoa.


DANGER EHREN: I have so much anxiety right now. You OK?

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: That got me good. It doesn't feel good.

STEVE HARVEY: There's no way I could push that button on myself.

- Viewers loved the chaos Thursday as they took to Twitter calling it one of their all-time favorite episodes. One person tweeted, I'm watching "Celebrity Family Feud" with Johnny Knoxville and all his crew from "Jackass Forever." And this is the funniest episode I've ever seen.

But host, Steve Harvey was just left in total disbelief.

STEVE HARVEY: When your teammate gives an answer, you're supposed to go, good answer, good answer. You're not supposed to punish him by tasing his ass.

JOHNNY KNOXVILLE: It was a inspiredly terrible answer though, in my defense.