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Jack in the Box mascot responds to thirsty TikTok comments: 'Hide the fanarts and the edits'

The Jack in the Box mascot is apparently sentient and aware that TikTok fans are leaving thirsty comments on the chain’s videos.

Most fast-food mascots have been around since we were kids, even if most are now semi-retired. McDonald’s has Ronald, Wendy’s has Wendy, and KFC has the iconic Colonel Sanders. But Jack in the Box, which is located in many U.S. states but based in California, has a slightly more under-the-radar mascot that not everyone knows about. And those who do know him appear to be lusting after him.

His name, as you might have guessed, is Jack. And while Jack has the body of a grown man, he, for some reason, has the head of a clown (or maybe it’s some kind of robot? We’re not sure).

Anyway, it’s apparently become a “thing” for fans to leave thirsty comments on the Jack in the Box TikTok page, where the restaurant chain frequently shares funny videos or promotional updates. And according to one recent post, Jack is very much aware of what people have been saying and doing about their love for him.

“i read the comments … ” Jack wrote in the caption of his TikTok post, which includes images of various fan art that people have made of him.

In each drawing, Jack appears as ripped and muscley and, well, pretty hot for a clown/robot/human thing.

when I die, don’t look for me in sunsets,” the video text reads. “look for me in fan art.”

Comments quickly flooded the post, and they’re all pretty golden. In fact, the sense of panic and desperation that each one invokes is nothing short of hilarious.

“HE KNOWS,” one person wrote — to which Jack replied, “oh trust me, I know.”

“RUN. HIDE THE FANARTS AND THE EDITS,” said someone else with intense embarrassment.

“THE WAY MY JAW DROPPED GOODBYE,” another person wrote.

“WHY DOES HE KNOW ???” someone else asked.

In reply, Jack said simply, “y’all ain’t slick.”

To be fair, he’s kind of right. Many of the suggestive comments fans have left are right there on his TikTok page for all to read.

On one recent video, a commenter said, “marry me pls.”

“Give me one chance jack,” another person begged.

Clearly, it was only a matter of time before Jack caught on — and we’re so, so glad he did.

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