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Jack Fincham denies drug use after Love Island star arrested for careless driving

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Jack Fincham has denied using drugs after the former Love Island star was arrested for careless driving before being released on bail.

Fincham won the ITV series’ 2018 season with ex-girlfriend Dani Dyer and the 32-year-old was scheduled to join the cast of its spinoff Love Island Games later this year,

Fincham was arrested after Kent Police stopped him on the A2 near his home in Swanley, Kent on 26 August, according to multiple reports.

Kent Police said its officers arrested a 31-year-old man from Swanley “on suspicion of drug driving, careless driving, driving without insurance and driving while displaying false number plates”, in a statement to The Mirror.

He was given a blood test and released on bail until 26 November, with Fincham scheduled to appear on Love Island Games in Fiji on 1 November.

The reality star has, however, denied using drugs while driving in a statement issued by Fincham’s lawyer.

“Mr Fincham has not been charged with drug driving and denies any drug consumption whatsoever,” Conor Johnstone, of MAJ Law told the newspaper.”

“There is no evidence at this stage that Mr Fincham drove while over the legal limit and we are hopeful that his blood results will prove the same,” the solicitor added.

The Independent has contacted representatives for Fincham and Kent Police for comment.

The reality star was also arrested by Kent Police in 2021, after officers pulled him over for speeding near his home.

He was charged with drug driving and denied taking cocaine or valium. The Crown Prosecution Service dropped the charges against Fincham before his trial was scheduled to begin.

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer at a ‘Love Island’ photocall (Getty Images)
Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer at a ‘Love Island’ photocall (Getty Images)

Fincham has previously admitted he “spiralled out of control” after the Covid pandemic struck and work began to dry up.

“There was no structure. I had all this time and all this money on my hands. I wouldn’t say I f***ed it but without that structure I fell to bits. I was depressed,” he said, during an appearance on The Steven Sulley Studio podcast.

“This is only over the last year when the money was running out and work was drying out because of the bad headlines. I’m not a bad person but sometimes good people do bad things,” he continued.

Fincham also revealed he took an overdose around Christmas 2020, adding that he was “ready to go” amid his mental health struggles since winning the show.

During an appearance on The Steven Sulley Studio podcast in 2021, he said: “Christmas time I took an overdose, mate. I was ready to go. I didn’t want to be here. It’s upsetting to think.”

He criticised Love Island producers ITV Fincham for not giving contestants enough support.

“I think there should be more guidance from them. They should say, ‘Listen, you are going to earn this amount of money – invest it, do something with it.’”

Fincham and Dyer broke up in March 2019, nine months after they were announced as season four’s winners.

He then dated Casey Ranger, an NHS compliance officer, and the former couple welcomed their daughter, Blossom, three, in January 2020.

After his 2021 drug-driving charge was dropped, Fincham promised to be “a better person” for his daughter on the Anything Goes podcast.

“I really want to be involved in Blossom’s life now,” he said at the time. “She’s probably walking and talking. I’m missing out on all these things.”