JLo's low-cut dress video confuses fans: 'Hidden message?'

Her followers were surprised by the strange act.

Jennifer Lopez has shared a video from her New Year’s celebrations with a bizarre detail leaving fans scratching their heads. The 53-year-old looked stunning as she sipped cocktails while wearing a plunging red and black gown.

The low-cut halter neck dress showed off her toned figure and was cinched in at the waist with a silver heart. However, fans were quick to point out that while JLo's glasses read ‘2023’, her cupcake had ‘2028’ written on top.

L: JLo sipping a cocktail. R: JLo wearing 2023 glasses
JLo looked incredible in her plunging halterneck dress. Photo: Instagram/jlo

The Marry Me star was seen smiling and posing with Ella Fitzgerald’s What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve playing in the background.

“HAPPY NEW YEAR! // ¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!” she wrote in the caption.


Her celebrity pals wished her the best for 2023, with actress Cara Cunningham calling the star “an inspiration”.

Her '2028' cupcake sparked debate amongst her fans. Photo: Instagram/jlo
Her '2028' cupcake sparked debate amongst her fans. Photo: Instagram/jlo

Fans couldn’t get over the cupcake reading 2028, with many trying to figure out the “hidden message” that the pop star was trying to send.

“Why is it written 2028 on the cupcake? Is this video from the future?” one person quipped.

“I’m guessing the cupcake means she’ll have a new husband [in] 2028,” another suggested.

“Ok that cupcake confused the heck out of me!” a third wrote.

“Those cupcakes look like they said 2028 and I panicked,” another admitted.

Others tried to guess if it was an intentional move by the Hustlers star or simply an innocent mistake.

“It’s a ‘3’ but looks like an ‘8’ because of a font,” commented a fan.

“It says 2023 but the frosting merged,” another agreed.


“Cupcake = five year plan,” a third suggested.

“She’s always doing things to have you guessing, wondering what’s next…that way you keep following and connecting with her, MARKETING PEOPLE MARKETING… Super smart!” guessed another.

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