I Have A Brain The Size Of A Peanut, So My Mind Was Totally Blown After Seeing These 60 Absolutely Fascinating Pictures For The Very First Time Last Month

1.This is how incredibly small a hummingbird feather is:

A tiny feather resting on a finger

We love to see a tiny feather.

Twitter: @johnszim

2.This is a REAL picture of the moon crossing in front of the Earth:

The moon in front of the earth

The image was taken by the DSCOVR spacecraft about a million miles away from Earth.

Nasa / Getty Images

3.This is what Albert Einstein's desk looked like the day he died:

A wooden desk with lots of papers, notebooks, and a book on it, with a blackboard and bookcases behind it

Specifically on April 18, 1955. Would you expect anything else besides this for Einstein's desk?

New York Daily News Archive / NY Daily News via Getty Images

4.This is the safety net that was installed under the Golden Gate Bridge during its construction in the 1930s. The net saved 19 people through the duration of the work:

Spirals of net on the bridge

5.This isn't Photoshop — that giant thing in the distance is the Sendai Daikannon, the fifth-tallest statue in the world:

The Sendai Daikannon in the distance

6.Speaking of big, giant things, this is the Quetzalcoatlus, the largest flying creature to have ever existed:

A Quetzalcoatlus as big as a giraffe on display, with a small boy next to it

7.And this is how big a blue whale's heart is compared with a human being:

An enormous heart with many chambers and taller than a man

8.This was the menu served to the first-class passengers aboard the Titanic on the day the ship sank:

Menu on April 14, 1912

Put another way, that dinner was the last dinner a whole lot of people ever ate.

Tim Ireland - PA Images / Contributor

9.This picture, taken in 1925, shows the passengers on an Imperial Airways flight watching one of the first in-flight movies ever:

Men sitting in wicker-type chairs facing a screen, with a very, very narrow aisle between the two rows

They're watching a silent film called The Lost World. What do we think of that plane's cabin? Better or worse than today's economy?

E. Bacon / Getty Images

10.These are the astronauts NASA is sending to the moon in 2024, the first time anyone will have been to the moon in over 50 years:

A group of astronauts

11.Speaking of which, this is Harrison Schmitt, one of four living men to have set foot on the moon's surface, and the one who did it most recently:

An astronaut with the US flag next to him and black expanse behind him

Schmitt was part of the 1972 Apollo 17 mission and an absolute pro at the space selfie.

Heritage Images / Heritage Space/Heritage Images via Getty Images

Here's another picture of Schmitt walking on the moon:

He's walking next to a very large rock with black expanse behind him

Space, folks. It's vast.

Universal History Archive / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

12.Fire hydrants are LOOOOOONG:

Fire hydrants

13.One of the more creative ways bootleggers would hide alcohol during Prohibition was inside trucks lined with wood, complete with a tiny trapdoor:

Two men next to a truck with blocks of "wood" and a small square hole in the back with a cutout piece of fake wood blocks

Would love to take a spin in the fake-wood truck.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

14.This is what the rabies vaccine looks like. It's purple!

A rabies vaccine

15.This is Rumeysa Gelgi, the tallest woman in the world:

Rumeysa Gelgi

This picture was taken when she was 17 years old.

Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

She stands just over 7' tall and has to travel like this when flying on an airplane:

Rumeysa Gelgi on a flight
Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

This is what one of her hands looks like compared to a much smaller person's hand:

Rumeysa Gelgi's hand in comparison to someone else's

Shoutout to Rumeysa.

Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

16.This is what the Eiffel Tower looked like while it was under construction:

The Eiffel Tower while being built

Less of a tower and more of a stump.

Roger Viollet / Roger Viollet via Getty Images

17.This is what a counterfeit $10 looks like compared to a real one:

A counterfeit bill next to a real one

18.This is Emma Morano, the last living person to have been born in the 1800s:

Close-up of Emma wearing a knit sweater

19.This X-ray, taken by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, is the first X-ray ever:

A ghostly X-ray of a hand held up and showing the bones under the skin and a ring on one finger

20.This is allegedly the death mask of William Shakespeare:

William Shakespeare's death mask

While we're on the subject, this is the death mask of Ludwig van Beethoven:

Beethoven's death mask

That we are sure of.

Brandstaetter Images / Getty Images

21.This is what a hairless raccoon looks like:

A hairless raccoon

22.This is what a baby pigeon looks like:

A tiny baby bird with large eyes, intermittent feathers, and large beak and sitting in the palm of a hand

Ugly as all hell. Ever wonder why you never see a baby pigeon? That's because they don't leave the nest until they're basically full grown.

Fernando Trabanco Fotografí­a / Getty Images

23.This is a statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, that was found inside the pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb:

Side view of the statue, which appears much darker

Which makes it over 3,000 years old.

Dea / De Agostini via Getty Images

24.On Feb. 7, 1984, Bruce McCandless II performed the first-ever untethered space walk, and folks, it looks absolutely terrifying:

A tiny guy in a spacesuit floating above the Earth in black outerspace

25.Before you could just put everything into the Notes app on your iPhone, some people used metal grocery lists to do their shopping:

A metal card with grocery items written in type on it and arrows/levers alongside them

26.This behemoth is the world's largest telescope, the FAST telescope located in China:

A wide sphere rising above a hilltop

That, my friends...that's a big satellite. Dave Matthews would be proud.

Future Publishing / Future Publishing via Getty Images

27.These are the contestants in the 1930 Miss Lovely Eyes beauty pageant, a contest where woman had to wear an absolutely terrifying mask so that only her eyes were visible:

Women wearing Hannibal Lecter–type masks

Yet another thing we should just leave in the past.

Fpg / Getty Images

28.The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was the deadliest earthquake in US history, resulting in the deaths of over 3,000 people. In the aftermath of the disaster, you could literally see where the Earth split along the San Andreas Fault:

A cobblestone street with a long gap in the. middle

Awful, awful stuff.

Underwood Archives / Getty Images

29.Some chickens lay eggs with white yolks:

Sliced hard-boiled eggs  with white yolks

30.This is what a $1,000 bill looks like:

$1,000 bill from 1934 with Grover Cleveland on the front

31.In 1731, King Frederick I of Sweden was gifted with a lion that, after its death, he sent to be stuffed and preserved. The only issue was that the people doing the taxidermy had never actually seen a lion. This, the Lion of Gripsholm Castle, is the finished product:

A taxidermy "lion" that looks nothing like a lion, with small ears, its tongue out, glass eyes very close together, and a raised paw

Juuuuuust a bit off.

Twitter: @mrced709

32.Speaking of terrible taxidermy and fossil reconstruction, this is the Magdeburg Unicorn, quite possibly the worst fossil reconstruction ever:

An upright skeleton showing a long spinal column, long front legs, rhino skull, and very long, thin horn

33.This is the pistol Gavrilo Princip used to kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand and set off World War I:

A silver pistol behind glass

34.This colorized picture of Ramses II's Great Temple at Abu Simbel in Egypt, taken circa 1865, shows just how enormous the colossal statues in front of the entrance are:

A person in a robe stands in the "lap" of the enormous statue emerging from rock

From Wonders of the Past, Volume II, 1933–34.

The Print Collector / Print Collector / Getty Images

Here's another angle:

People at the entrance to the temple, with several of these statues soaring above them

They're big!

Getty Images

35.While we're on the subject of incredible Egyptian art, this is a 3,000-year-old ancient Egyptian painter's palette, complete with six different colors:

A rectangular wooden palette with six very faded colors

It's from the reign of Amenhotep III, circa 1390 BCE. Let's get some love for Queen Tiye in the comments.

Sepia Times / Sepia Times/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

36.This is Steven Spielberg on top of Bruce, the animatronic shark that, well, played Jaws in Jaws:

Steven riding Bruce's snout

And now I'm realizing why the shark in Finding Nemo was named what it was.

Sunset Boulevard / Corbis via Getty Images

37.Cars in Canada's Northwest Territories have polar bear license plates:

Arrow pointing to a car's license plate in the shape of a bear

38.On May 14, 1999, crowds gathered in New York's Times Square to watch the final episode of Seinfeld:

People watching "Seinfeld" in Times Square

All of human history led to this magical moment.

Stan Honda / AFP via Getty Images

39.This picture, taken in 1946, is one of the first images of Earth ever taken from space:

The Earth from outer space

40.You're, of course, familiar with Mahatma Gandhi...

Mahatma Gandhi
Elliott & Fry / Getty Images

But have you ever seen a picture of him as a young man? Here's Gandhi some time in the late 1800s:

Mahatma Gandhi

Looking sharp, Mahatma.

Ullstein Bild Dtl. / ullstein bild via Getty Images

41.Black tomatoes exist:

Black tomatoes

42.In 1925, Hugo Gernsback invented "The Isolator," a helmet designed to completely block out any and all distractions:

An Isolator

As you can see, it also provided oxygen to the wearer. I wonder why this didn't take off?

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

43.This is how much meat one single cow produces:

Meat in a freezer

44.Do not adjust your mobile phone. Avocados can actually be this huge:

A giant avocado

45.This is the Dynasphere, a giant wheel vehicle invented by Dr. J. A. Purves that could go as a fast as 30 MPH:

A man in a Dynasphere

Bring back the Dynasphere, I say. I wanna ride the wheel.

Fox Photos / Getty Images

46.Cough medicine in the late 1800s was absolutely wild:

A label for cough medicine

47.This is what a rip current looks like:

A rip current at the beach

48.This is how big a Ford F-650 truck is compared to a typical sized person:

A person standing next to a large truck

49.Emu eggs are absolutely beautiful:

An emu egg

50.And this is a pamphlet of marriage advice given to young couples from 1891:

A pamphlet urging not to marry specific people

51.This is how big the scoreboard at the Denver Broncos' football stadium is:

Closeup of the Broncos scoreboard

And this is how huge the jumbotron at AT&T Stadium is:

Closeup of the jumbotron

52.This is what a peeled coconut looks like:

A peeled coconut

53.Babies used to travel up with the luggage on planes:

A baby in a luggage compartment
Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Looks totally fine to me:

A baby in a luggage compartment

Yup, nothin' to see here. Out of sight, out of mind.

Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

54.There are globes that also show elevation:

A globe that shows elevation

55.That little black dot is Mercury passing in front of the sun:

Arrow pointing at Mercury

Sun big, Mercury small.

Blackphobos / Getty Images/iStockphoto

56.White cucumbers exist:

A white cucumber

57.Both seals and sea lions have nails:

A sea lion's nails

58.Someone had to hand-carve all of the presidents' eyes on Mount Rushmore:

Someone climbing Mt. Rushmore

My palms are sweaty just looking at this picture.

George Rinhart / Corbis via Getty Images

59.This is the View Phone, a video phone developed by Toshiba in 1964 that allowed for real-time proto-FaceTiming:

People using the View Phone

Imagine FaceTiming Lyndon Baines Johnson...the mind reels.

Keystone / Getty Images

60.And finally, on a lighter note, this is what the Taco Bell menu looked like in the early 1980s:

Photos and descriptions of a taco, burrito, Enchirito, Bellburger, tostada, and frijoles