ITV announces new true story drama after Mr Bates vs The Post Office

demonstrators hold placards reading message related to the nhs infected blood scandal
ITV's new true story drama after Mr Bates successJUSTIN TALLIS - Getty Images

ITV is set to air a new true story drama in the wake of Mr Bates vs The Post Office's success.

The recent four-part drama became a huge hit after debuting last month, becoming ITV's biggest new drama in over a decade as well as sparking widespread media attention over the Post Office scandal.

It has now been confirmed by Deadline that ITV has greenlit a new series that will shine a light on the contaminated blood scandal in the UK.

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The scandal saw people with haemophilia and other blood disorders contaminated with tainted blood between the 1970s and early 1990s, infecting them with HIV and hepatitis.

As a result, at least 2,400 people died after contracting HIV and Hepatitis C, with at least 26,800 people becoming severely ill (via Hepatitis C Trust). An inquiry was set up to examine why NHS patients received infected blood and infected blood products.

The new show, which will be written by Scoop's Peter Moffat, is set to look at what doctors, politicians and pharmaceutical companies knew at the time, and will examine the wrongs over the past half-century.

demonstrators hold placards reading message related to the nhs infected blood scandal
JUSTIN TALLIS - Getty Images

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"It's been a great privilege to meet those infected and affected and to learn about what they have been through," Moffat said.

"I\m ashamed to say that when I started researching this story I knew next to nothing about it. I'm even more ashamed that this ignorance is shared by nearly everyone I mention it to. The victims of this scandal have been let down again and again by the state – I hope in some small way this drama can help their voices be heard."

ITV drama head Polly Hill added that Moffat's scripts "are brilliant and do justice to this important story, while bringing it to screen with real clarity and compassion".

Mr Bates vs The Post Office airs on ITV1 and streams on ITVX.

Organisations including amFAR, Terrence Higgins Trust and the National Aids Trust (NAT) can provide further information on research, testing and treatment for both HIV and AIDS. More information about Hepatitis C can be found via The Hepatitis C Trust.

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