'It's bloody alive': Amazing find in grille of Queensland car

An eagle-eyed driver has been hailed a hero after freeing a two-legged creature from behind the grille of another car.

Ben Cheyne was leaving the car park at Domain Central shopping centre in Townsville, in northeastern Queensland, on Sunday when he noticed a long tail dangling out the front of a moving vehicle.

After yelling out and parking in front of the car so the driver “couldn’t drive off”, Mr Cheyne stepped out for a closer look.

Staring back at him was an adorable kangaroo joey crammed tightly into the small space behind the grille.

According to the driver, who told Mr Cheyne he was from Victoria, the animal would have been there overnight after he hit it the previous day and continued driving because he assumed it was dead.

“I said ‘hey bud, you got a roo in your grille of the car’,” Mr Cheyne wrote in a post to Facebook on Sunday.

The defenceless roo was crammed into the tight space behind the car's grille. Source: Facebook/Ben Cheyne

“Unbelievable, he said he hit it last night and thought it was dead. (I said) ‘No mate its bloody alive, park around the corner so I can help get it out’.”

“(I) grabbed out my cordless drill and sabre saw and a pair of gloves from my ute. Took his number plate off, cut his grille out of the bumper bar, then reefed it out.”

Mr Cheyne said he, accompanied by his son, then took the kangaroo to some nearby bushland and set him free.

“Little fella was pretty scared but still alive, unbelievable.”

Photos of the small animal showed it staring out from behind the metal bars, as its tail hung out on the bitumen road.

“You are a hero roo wrangler. Unreal,” one person wrote in a comment.

In response to another comment, Mr Cheyne claimed the driver had borrowed the car and was so focussed on buying a pair of headphones, he barely took notice of the helpless animal.

“I was disgusted with him,” Mr Cheyne wrote.

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