'It's alive': Woman horrified at 'gross' discovery in her spinach

Spinach claiming to be “washed and ready to eat” was revealed to be anything but after an unsuspecting shopper encountered something living amongst it.

Inside a 120g bag of baby spinach leaves purchased from the South Melbourne Woolworths on Sunday, Cindy Song found a large, live bug scurrying around.

The 29-year-old snapped some photos of her “gross” find, that appears to be a moth, before throwing it away and sharing her experience to the Woolworths Facebook page.

“There's a huge, live bug trapped inside,” she wrote.

Speaking with Yahoo News Australia, the university student said it was “really gross because it was still moving around”.

A "moth" could be seen in the sealed package with the baby spinach leaves. Source: Facebook

Ms Song said the event had scared her off purchasing pre-packed spinach because she was “terrified of all bugs”.

“I think their staff need to be more mindful and careful when they are packing the salad leaves,” she said.

“As the packet says it’s washed and ready to use, some people might miss the bug and serve it in their food.”

If the bug had have made it into her meal, Ms Song said she “probably would have had a heart attack”.

In response to her complaint, Woolworths said it was “concerned” to see a bug make it into a package of fresh food and offered her a refund or replacement.

“Please know, that you're more than welcome to return this to your nearest store with your receipt and packaging, to receive a refund or replacement,” a spokesperson said.

Ms Song said the offer was “ridiculous”, particularly because she had already tossed the bag away.

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