It's about time: 'Flutie Flakes' will return to stores after a 20-year hiatus

Rejoice, Buffalo Bills fans, because a popular treat from your childhood is about to make a huge comeback. After a 20-year hiatus, “Flutie Flakes” will return to store shelves soon.

What exactly are “Flutie Flakes?” Well, if you weren’t big into football or quarterback Doug Flutie in 1998, you may not have heard about the phenomenon.

“Flutie Flakes” are a corn-flakes style cereal celebrating former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie. When “Flutie Flakes” were initially released, Flutie played for the Bills. His image was adorned on the box, which gave off a “Wheaties” vibe.

The cereal was supposed to be a marketing gimmick, but it exploded. Over 2.3 million boxes of “Flutie Flakes” sold the first time around, according to ESPN.

Now, they are making a comeback. The Bills are planning to honor Flutie during the team’s Week 14 game against the Baltimore Ravens. Flutie and his Foundation for Autism viewed that as the perfect time to relaunch “Flutie Flakes.”

Fans at the Bills game will be able to buy boxes of “Flutie Flakes” and T-shirts. A portion of the proceeds from the cereal will benefit Flutie’s Foundation for Autism. The cereal will then go on sale online and at select grocery stores.

Flutie, now 57, is not the cult icon he was back in 1998, when he surprisingly made the Pro Bowl and led the Bills to a playoff spot. But given the way nostalgia sells, expect “Flutie Flakes” to fly off the shelves the second time around.


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