ISS crew shelters as debris veers close by

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The crew of the International Space Station has had to be cleared of personnel twice in a day out of fears of a possible collision with space debris, cosmonaut Piotr Dubrov has told the TASS news agency.

The seven current occupants had to go into a docked spaceship for their own safety both times.

In the event of impact, the team would have quickly returned to earth in the Crew Dragon vessel.

The all clear was given in each case after the remains of an out-of-service satellite flew by.

Dubrov said there were no signs there had been any collision.

Such near-misses are growing more common for the ISS occupants as the skies fill with debris.

Normally, the ISS' orbit is altered to avoid the danger.

Separately, the crew might have discovered a new leak in the Russian Svesda module.

Dubrov said it will be more closely investigated.

Leaks are also becoming more common on the 20-year-old orbiter although Roskosmos, the Russian space agency, says they do not pose a danger to the crew.

So far, all of the leaks have been plugged up.

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