Israeli soldiers killed by friendly fire

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Two Israeli army officers have been killed in a friendly fire incident during a security patrol adjacent to a military base in the Jordan Valley, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) says.

"The officers were misidentified and mistakenly killed by IDF fire," the defence force said in a statement on Thursday.

The families of the officers were notified. The Jerusalem Post reported of a live-fire drill in the valley.

They had finished the drill in the firing zone of the Nabi Musa base and were patrolling when they identified a suspicious figure. They then initiated the procedure to arrest the individual, including shooting in the air, according to the report.

They were then shot at by another IDF soldier who misidentified the officers as possible terrorists.

The exact circumstances of the late Wednesday accident are under review, according to the IDF statement.

"The IDF expresses its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and will continue to support them," the statement added.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett also tweeted his regret about the incident. "The two commanders had dedicated their best years to the security of Israel and defending our homeland. The entire people of Israel mourns for them," he wrote.

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