Isle of Man bans sale of vapes to under-18s

A series of vape products on a shelf
Vaping products can no longer be sold to anyone under the age of 18 [BBC]

A ban on the sale of vaping products to anyone aged 18 and under has come into force on the Isle of Man.

The new rules, which bring the island into line with laws introduced in the UK in 2016, also makes it illegal for a person over the age of 18 to buy a minor any vaping product.

Further measures that will ban the public display or advertising of vaping products in any place on the island where under-18s are admitted will apply from 1 September.

Cabinet Office Minister Kate Lord-Brennan said the measures were "an important move for the current and future health of young people".

Specialist shops

The Manx government introduced the legislation to the House of Keys in June last year following a public consultation on the issue in December 2022.

The results of that found 73% of respondents favoured the ban on products being sold to under 18s.

Under the new laws, under-18s are no longer allowed to buy or be supplied with vapes or e-cigarettes, including replacement parts for them, or vaping liquids -regardless of whether the fluid contains nicotine.

The government said the forthcoming ban on the display or advertising of the products will not extend to wholesalers or specialist vaping shops as long as they do not allow persons under 18 to enter.

Ms Lord-Brennan said while it aligned the island with the UK on the sale of the products, it would surpass its legislation "by introducing new point of sale restrictions, meaning that the display and marketing of vapes will be restricted in retailers accessible to children and young people".

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