Island camps closed after Qld dingo attack

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Two campgrounds have been closed on Queensland's Fraser Island amid a rise in incidents involving humans and dingoes, including an attack on a boy.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service has shut the Wathumba and Teebing campgrounds on the island, which is also known as K'gari, until February 28.

A nine-year-old boy was bitten on Thursday and sustained minor cuts on his leg, and QPWS has moved to lower the number of interactions between dingoes and people.

Department of Environment and Science regional director Mick Cubis said some residents and visitors were impacting on the animal's natural role in the ecosystem, increasing the risk of bad encounters.

"Unfortunately some day visitors and campers in the Wathumba area have been deliberately or inadvertently feeding the wongari (dingoes) or interacting with them for selfies," Mr Cubis said in a statement on Friday.

"Some wongari at Wathumba have lost their natural wariness of people and have been loitering around campers and day visitors or seeking food.

He said the dingoes had grown accustomed to the absence of humans during the island's coronavirus closure and hunted for natural food.

Since it reopened some people had been carelessly leaving food out while camping or illegally feeding dingoes.

Mr Cubis said tour operators, campers and island residents were tipping off QPWS about any feeding and rangers were also checking peoples' social media posts.

"I'd like to remind all people on the island that anyone who breaks the wongari laws can expect a hefty fine or to appear in court," he said.