Islamic State Drone Bombs Syrian Government Munitions Warehouse in Stadium Near Deir Ezzor

A drone dropped multiple munitions onto a sports stadium west of Deir Ezzor, where Syrian government forces were storing munitions and equipment, according to the Islamic State-affiliated news outlet Amaq.

In this video, a munition falls from above the stadium, causing a large fire that grows to obscure the entire interior of the stadium.

At 1:22, different footage from the ground shows an explosion with a mushrooming flame. Storyful cannot confirm the location of this footage.

Multiple explosions sound off, lasting for 40 seconds in this video. Aerial footage shows the inside of the stadium entirely charred.

Syrian government forces have been fighting with the Islamic State for control of Deir Ezzor and the surrounding area since the beginning of September. On September 9, Syrian government forces gained control over the military airport south of the stadium, which had been under siege. Credit: Amaq