Some Israeli hostages have attempted suicide, Islamic Jihad armed wing says

DUBAI (Reuters) -The Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement's armed wing, Al Quds Brigades, said on Wednesday some Israeli hostages have attempted suicide after it started treating them the same way Israel treated Palestinian prisoners.

"Some enemy prisoners have attempted suicide as a result of the extreme frustration they are feeling due to their government's neglect of their cause," Al Quds Brigades spokesperson Abu Hamza said in a post on Telegram.

"We will keep treating Israeli hostages the same way Israel treats our prisoners," he added.

The Palestinian militant group did not specify what measures it had taken against Israeli hostages.

Arab mediators' efforts, backed by the United States, have so far failed to conclude a ceasefire in Gaza.

Hamas says any deal must end the war and bring full Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, while Israel says it will accept only temporary pauses in fighting until Hamas, which has ruled Gaza since 2007, is eradicated.

A possible deal would also see the release of Israeli hostages in Gaza in return for the freedom of Palestinians jailed in Israeli prisons.

(Reporting by Jana Choukeir and Nayera Abdallah in Dubai, Nidal al Mughrabi in Cairo; Editing by Alex Richardson)