ISIS armoured suicide car blown to bits by perfectly aimed bomb

It might look a cardboard car made by children, but the car in this video is actually a heavily armoured vehicle built by ISIS fighters with one purpose in mind: a suicide mission.

But this driver and their reinforced explosive truck were thwarted by Kurdish fighters – and one perfectly aimed projectile that blew them to pieces before they could do the same to anyone else.

The armoured car set off on its mission. Source: France 24

In the video published by France 24, Kurdish militants fired a barrage of shots at the truck as it sped toward its target but they barely made an impact on the rusted metal plating.

But this bomb was going to stop it in its tracks. Source: France 24

The kamikaze car continued down the desert road to its deadly destination until hell rained upon it from above.

What appears to be a guided bomb flies through the sky to hit the car, turning its explosive payload and driver into a cloud of thick black smoke and flying debris that lands in the sand.

The suicide car was turned into a smoking fireball. Source: France 24

The smoking and smouldering vehicle rolls down the road before stopping dead as Kurdish fighters celebrate with yips and whistles.

Scrapyard weaponry and vehicles have become a mainstay of the war in Syria and Iraq.

The rusted bomb cars have been compared to something out of Mad Max. Source: Warner Bros

All manner of junk has been re-engineered into use as weapons of war, with many making comparisons to the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max.

This vehicle was photographed and shared on Twitter with the caption "1 of their mad max cars stopped from being used as a VBIED (Vehicle-borne improvised explosive device)".

A 'Mad Max' car. Source: Twitter/ISIS Hunter


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