This millionaire is literally giving away his money on Twitter

Is this America's friendliest milionaire? Images: Getty,

What would you do if you inherited a huge sum from a wealthy relative? It’s the sort of question that expires daydreams.

But for 31-year-old Bill Pulte, this happened to him, and now he’s giving back on Twitter.

The millionaire inherited his fortune from his grandfather who was a billionaire, and has since gone on to share it with people on Twitter. Pulte has also been listed in Forbes’ magazine’s 30 under 30 list for his work as an entrepreneur and investor.

“I'll give $900 CASH to someone random who retweets this tweet because its Tuesday,” Pulte tweeted on Tuesday, leading to thousands of likes and retweets.

He describes his project as ‘Twitter Philanthropy’, targeting mainly people in need of support.

“Built on the philosophy of using social media to create real social change, #TwitterPhilanthropy encourages users to highlight and participate in random acts of kindness for those that are truly in need,” his website explains.

One of Pulte’s biggest giveaways was in July when he pledged to give US$30,000 to a veteran if President Donald Trump retweeted him. Trump did, with Pulte going on to give the massive sum of money away.

Image: Bill Pulte

However, Pulte is not the only millionaire giving away his money to strangers.

Billionaire technology investor and prominent philanthropist Robert F. Smith made headlines in May when he promised to pay off the student loans of the entire graduating class at the historically all-male black college, Morehouse College.

That was a massive sum of around US$40 million.

And Hong Kong’s richest man, Li Ka-Shing in June promised to pay off the student fees for an entire class of Chinese university students, costing him an incredible 100 million yuan or AU$14 million.

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