Woolworths customer shocked over price of eggs: 'Is this a joke?'

The price of a supermarket staple has skyrocketed, shocking a Woolworths customer who shared her disbelief over the price on social media.

The eyebrow-raising price of eggs from a Woolworths store in Western Australia was posted in a TikTok video, showing a price tag reading $14.50 for a dozen free range eggs.

Next to it, another dozen eggs were being sold for $12.

The shocked Woolworths customer posted a TikTok of the pricey eggs. Source: TikTok/ stephyoung77
The shocked Woolworths customer posted a TikTok of the pricey eggs. Source: TikTok/ stephyoung77

"$14 for eggs," user Stephanie Young wrote in the video. "Last week there was none now the inflation hits".

Shocked users commented on the post which the Woolworths customer described as "absolute insanity".

"Hope they are laced with gold," one user wrote.

"On special from $20," joked another shopper.

"I'm hoping it's a mistake, however the eggs next to it are $12 and there were others for $8.80," Ms Young wrote in a comment.

"Could be only WA though".

Fears for egg farming industry's future: 'So alarming'

According to Egg Farmers of Australia, higher input costs are affecting the price consumers are paying for eggs.

Egg Farmers of Australia CEO Melinda Hashimoto said the cost of laying hens has increased 20 per cent with feed grain costs rising by 45 per cent recently.

"It is a reality that Australians are going to have get used to."

Ms Hashitmoto cited severe drought for the two years leading into Covid which disrupted supply chains and dramatically reduced egg consumption, as well as recent floods as just some of the reasons input prices have increased so dramatically.

“The speed of rising farm input costs, that are required to raise hens and produce quality eggs, is so alarming that some long-term egg farmers are genuinely fearing for the future of our industry,” Mrs Hashimoto said in a statement.

Woolworths shelf with eggs.
Egg Farmers of Australia said there were multiple reasons input costs for egg farms had increased. Source: AAP

“It is a reality that Australians are going to have get used to paying more if they want their eggs and other food grown in Australia, or they’ll see Aussie farmers go out of business.

“Likewise, wholesalers (such as supermarkets, bakers, food manufacturers, hotels, cruise ships and hospitality sectors) are urged to review the price they pay for Aussie eggs, to ensure our farmers get a fair and profitable return on their product.”

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Woolworths for comment.

Price of watermelon four times as high

Last week, screenshots showing Woolworths advertising a whole watermelon for $30.80 were posted online, while Coles had the same product for $31.20.

A Woolworths catalogue from the end of April 2020 had watermelon advertised for just $1 per kilo – almost a quarter of the cost of last week's prices.

The price per kilo for watermelon this week was $3.90 and $3.85 at Coles and Woolworths respectively based off an average 8kg of watermelon.

Both Coles and Woolworths responded saying inflation isn't the reason behind the price hike, but rather seasonality, highlighting the myriad factors that can affect prices at the supermarket checkout.

After some shoppers expressed dismay online, the supermarket giants told Yahoo News Australia it is currently between growing seasons, which can affect supply.

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