Irwin family praised by fans after Celebrity Gogglebox appearance: 'Massive fan'

"Steve and Terry's love story will always be a favourite of mine!"

Fans have praised the Irwin family after Robert, Bindi, and Terri appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox, with one moment in particular tugging at their heartstrings.

During one part of the show, Bindi asks her mum about her relationship with Steve Irwin, "How long was it before you and dad got married? What was the time from meeting to married?"

Robert, Bindi and Terri Irwin on Celebrity Gogglebox
Fans have praised the Irwin family after appearing on Celebrity Gogglebox. Photo: Ten

"It was several agonisingly long minutes," Terri quipped.

Fans loved the reference to Terri and Steve's relationship, with one user writing, "Steve and Terry's love story will always be a favourite of mine!"

"Cutest family ever," another added.


"It really was love like no other!" a third wrote.

"Bindi and Robert are lovely young adults," someone else shared.

Even Yellow Wiggle Greg Page got involved, commenting, "What a wonderful family! Love you guys!"

"Love, love, love this family, boy do we miss Steve," someone added.

"That’s honestly such a sweet response," yet another wrote.

Many others wished the Irwins would have their own show or appear on Gogglebox more often, with one user writing, "Make a show about the Irwins!!! I'd watch it religiously"

"I enjoyed watching @goggleboxau with the Irwins on it I am a massive fan of theirs they should do Celebrity Gogglebox every year it would be fun," another said.

"Love this! Ok then... I'll watch it," a third wrote. "But y'all really need your own reality TV show of your beautiful family!"

Robert Irwins' massive I'm A Celebrity salary revealed

Robert Irwin and Julia Morris' I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
Robert was announced as Julia Morris' I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! co-host this week. Photo: Ten

It comes after the announcement that Robert will be replacing Dr Chris Brown as co-host of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! alongside Julia Morris in 2024, with the 19-year-old's huge rumoured salary surprising many.

Daily Mail reports that Robert will earn “over $430,000” for his work on the Channel 10 reality show, which films for six weeks in South Africa.


A network insider told the publication that they believe Robert will be “worth every cent” as he has an international fan base.

“His pairing with the witty and ever-entertaining Julia has all the makings of a dynamic duo, promising viewers an unforgettable experience,” they said.

While it's unknown how much Chris Brown earned during his time on I'm A Celebrity, reported he is now on a $1 million annual salary at rival network Seven.

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