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Iran prepares to transfer ballistic missiles to Russia — report

Sergey Shoigu in Iran, September 20
Sergey Shoigu in Iran, September 20

U.S. officials believe that Iran is preparing to provide Russia with short-range ballistic missiles to use against Ukraine, The Wall Street Journal reported on Nov. 21.

According to the officials who spoke with the journalists, Iran has already transferred drones, guided bombs, and artillery shells to Russia. Washington is now concerned that ballistic missiles could be next, after Iran displayed Ababil drones and Fateh-110 missiles to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during his visit to Tehran in September.

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A U.S. National Security Council official said that Iran is contemplating the provision of ballistic missiles to Russia for use in Ukraine.

The report added that the Russian embassy in Washington and the Iranian delegation at the UN have not commented on the situation.

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The United States also believes that Iran is becoming an increasingly important partner to Russia but is also benefiting from the relationship. Sources say that Russia is helping Iran improve its satellite capabilities and is supplying the country with missiles, air defense systems, and military electronics.

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Iranian officials have stated that Tehran wants to purchase Su-35 aircraft from Russia, but the supply has not yet occurred.

Washington previously accused Iran of supplying Mohajer-6 and other drones to Russia. According to media reports, in exchange for the arms, Russia supplies Iran with cyber warfare technology, "captured Western weapons," and assists in developing Iran's missile program.

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