Ipswich fan hurt after Maidstone United supporter falls from stand

Man rolling over on sloped roof, with feet in the the air
The man appeared to roll on to the roof seconds after Lamar Reynold's goal for Maidstone United in the 43rd minute

An Ipswich Town fan says she felt like she had been "hit by a bus" when a Maidstone United fan landed on her from above during an FA Cup game.

Jo Peters, 51, from Butley, near Woodbridge, was on the lower tier of the Ipswich's Cobbold Stand when she says a man fell from the tier above.

Ms Peters has said she believes there was a "lack of policing" and criticised the club for its response.

Ipswich Town said it is investigating the incident.

Suffolk Police have been contacted for comment.

Footage of the fall, which happened at Ipswich's Portman Road ground on Saturday, showed the man was with the away supporters in the upper tier for his team's 2-1 FA Cup win.

He is shown rolling down the roof and falling off the edge onto the tier below.

Jo Peters at home
Jo Peters said she was "in agony" the following morning

Ms Peters said she was leaning forward when she heard a number of banging sounds and then a thump.

She said: "I feel like I've been hit by a bus - all down my right hand side and upper body and my neck are so sore."

"It's the shock of it, it shouldn't have happened."

Man falling off sloped roof as two stewards look on
The man dropped off the end of the roof on to the tier below

Ms Peters, who is going to hospital to be checked over, said she keeps replaying the moment over and over in her mind.

"There was a little boy two seats from my left and if that man had landed on him... it keeps going over in my mind and I feel quite angry," she said.

She said stewards came over and took her for first aid but she said it did not feel like she got the help she needed.

Jo Peters before the game
Jo peters pictured before Saturday's game at Portman Road

Ms Peters said she reported feeling breathless and "like my heart was going to come out of my chest", but she eventually returned to her seat, before leaving early fearing being injured again.

She said she approached officials from the club but was told by a member of that "it was an accident, accidents happen".

"I feel really let down by the club," she said.

Aaron Rose
Aaron Rose has said he wants assurances from the club that it is looking into the incident

She and her partner, Aaron Rose, 43, said they did not think there was enough policing at the match.

"It wasn't policed or stewarded right," Mr Rose said.

He said he wants assurances form the club to prevent it from happening again.

An Ipswich Town spokesman said: "The club is aware of an incident involving a Maidstone United supporter in the Cobbold Stand at Portman Road during today's Emirates FA Cup fourth-round fixture.

"The club is investigating the issue thoroughly."

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