How to find secret one-handed keyboard hidden in your iPhone

Apple has included a hidden one-handed keyboard in their latest software update to help iPhone users cope with the bigger screens.

Whether you have small hands or are just a little bit clumsy the neat trick is guaranteed to change the way you text.

The iOS 11 keyboard defaults to full-screen, but if you want to type with one hand, just hold your thumb down on the emoji icon in your keyboard.

A box will pop up, allowing you to decide whether to keep the keyboard full screen or move it to the left or right.

Simply press the emoji button and pick whether you want the keyboard on the left or right hand side of your iPhone. Source: Supplied

Many consider typing with one thumb to be much easier.

Apple has also made this software update apply on a system-wide level which means if you change the keyboard to one-handed mode, it will stay like that across all of your apps.