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iPhone 6 hits Perth streets, literally

A collective gasp overcame the line outside Perth’s Apple Store this morning as 18-year-old Jack Cooksey dropped his new iPhone 6.

The first person out of the Hay Street store with the new model, Mr Cooksey had been asked by a reporter to show off his new phone and thankfully the toughened screen lived up to its promise.

Mr Cooksey was one of hundreds of Apple die-hards who either reserved their phone online or camped outside of the store to securing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models.

“I am surprised, I didn’t expect to be the first one out of the doors,” Mr Cooksey said.

“I reserved it online, it was much easier, I got here at 6am this morning… they rushed us in and I got my phone and I’m super excited.

“I’ve got the 4S, it’s definitely lighter, thinner and it’s got a bigger screen,” he said.

The line outside the store snaked around the block, stretching as far as Hay Street.

the first iphone6 in perth literally hits the streets.
the first iphone6 in perth literally hits the streets.

The first iPhone6 in Perth literally hits the streets. Picture: Michael O'Brien/ The West Australian

Traffic was reduced to one lane with private security constantly watching the line’s progress and denying entry to those hoping to simply walk in.

Smitty Leung, 22, who was the first in line after spending two days waiting outside the store with her nine friends, said she loved Apple products and the long wait was definitely worth it.

She bought two iPhone Plus phones, one for herself and one for her mother.

“Waiting here two days, it was worth it. Number one,” she said.