Intruder's scary selfie as woman showered

Intruder's scary selfie as woman showered

An intruder has left a disturbing tribute to his visit, leaving a "selfie" picture on a woman's phone while she was in the shower.

The woman who lived in the house said she had no clue who the stranger was, or how he got into her house, the Plumouth Herald reported.

"He hadn't just been in my home, but he [took the photo] while I was there," Susan (not her real name) told the Plymouth Herald. "I think when the photo was taken I had been in the shower."

She only found out the incident after she scrolled through the photos on her phone.

Susan suspects it wasn't the first time the stranger had entered her house, with food disappearing from her cupboards since September.

"Whole packs of biscuits would disappear. A six-multipack of crisps would turn into one single packet," she said.

Susan says that nothing of value had been taken so far, and she found that "unnerving".

That the photo was taken while she was at home frightens Susan the most.

"It's the fact that he sat at my dining table, while I was in the house and if it wasn't for him taking that picture I wouldn't have ever known," Susan said. "That's what frightened me the most."

The man has yet to be found.