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Introducing Zero Blitz, Yahoo Sports NFL's new podcast feed

A brand new NFL season kicks off Thursday evening, as all 32 franchises start the season with hope and eyes on the prize for the Super Bowl this February in Las Vegas. Yes, even you, Arizona Cardinals — you can do it!

With the return of football comes the return of the weekly cadence of the NFL regular-season calendar: the Sunday explosion of games, analyzing the results on Mondays and Tuesdays, injury reports and speculations on Wednesdays and Thursdays and spending Fridays looking ahead to starting the process all over again.

Here to guide you through the ups, the downs and the holy molies of the new football season is a brand new podcast and video series from Yahoo Sports NFL: Zero Blitz.

Four individually themed series will take you through the week and make that dreaded six-day wait between Sundays all the more bearable:

Sunday Night Blitz — Former ESPN host Jason Fitz joins Yahoo Sports to host Zero Blitz, and where better to start than Sunday nights? Fitz will be joined by Yahoo Sports NFL and betting analyst Frank Schwab every Sunday night to recap that week's slate of games. Massive overreactions and blindingly hot takes will be had as Fitz & Frank react and argue about the jubilant highs and crushing lows that can be experienced only on a football Sunday.

The Exempt List — On Tuesdays, Yahoo Sports NFL writer Charles McDonald takes the reins to let the air out of the NFL's balloon with the return of The Exempt List, the podcast for football fans who roll their eyes at football culture. McDonald will be joined by guests from all around the football landscape to mix Xs and Os analysis with cultural criticism that raises an eyebrow at a league that tends to take its customs a bit too seriously.

Inside Coverage — Wednesdays are focused on palace intrigue from inside front offices, locker rooms and league headquarters as Yahoo Sports senior NFL reporters Charles Robinson and Jori Epstein are joined by Jason Fitz for ear-opening conversations about what's happening just under the surface of the NFL. Robinson and Epstein will peel back the curtain on the behind-the-scenes rumors, trade whispers and secret beefs that fuel the decisions of the league's top power brokers.

Zero Blitz — Wrapping up the week on Thursdays is the eponymous flagship show of the Zero Blitz podcast feed. Jason Fitz returns once more with football minds from around the industry, athlete interviews and special celebrity guests to close out the week with a fun look ahead to the weekend's games. Fitz and his guests will take part in dueling drafts, rankings and drop some NFL trivia bombs all in preparation for another round of football action on Sunday.

Introducing Zero Blitz, a new NFL podcast feed from Yahoo Sports. Zero Blitz is available everywhere podcasts can be heard and features Jason Fitz, Charles McDonald, Charles Robinson, Frank Schwab & Jori Epstein. (Yahoo Sports)
Introducing Zero Blitz, a new NFL podcast feed from Yahoo Sports. Zero Blitz is available everywhere podcasts can be heard and features Jason Fitz, Charles McDonald, Charles Robinson, Frank Schwab and Jori Epstein. (Yahoo Sports)

Zero Blitz will be available with new episodes four days a week wherever you get podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. Watch full episodes of Zero Blitz on Yahoo Sports' YouTube channel.

Stay up to date with the latest NFL news and coverage from Yahoo Sports on Twitter @YahooSportsNFL.

Zero Blitz would also be nothing without the impact of our beloved Terez Paylor, who was a pillar of Yahoo Sports' NFL editorial and podcast coverage. We will continue to produce this NFL podcast in his honor, and hope that you can support Terez Paylor's legacy in one of three ways:

• Buy an "All-Juice Team" hoodie or tee from All profits directly fund the Terez A. Paylor scholarship at Howard University.

• Donate directly to the PowerMizzou Journalism Alumni Scholarship in memory of Terez Paylor

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