Yahoo Fantasy Plus is here, now with the all-new Trade Hub!

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Trading is one of the most enjoyable aspects of fantasy sports. That feeling of being a real GM gets maximized as you seek to make a deal and transform your roster into one ready to compete for a championship.

Of course, trading isn’t always easy — mostly, it’s downright difficult. Fantasy players are looking for an edge in every matchup and in every trade offer or counter offer. For some, this means spending countless hours on exhaustive research. Others simply lean on advice from Yahoo Fantasy analysts.

We can’t blame you — and that’s why we’ve been busy working behind the scenes to give you the edge you’re seeking.

Yahoo Fantasy Plus is a subscription service that enhances the fantasy experience by providing a series of exclusive tools and today, we’re unveiling our newest feature: the Trade Hub!

The Trade Hub is going to make proposing and completing trades easier and more fun for every player with a Yahoo Fantasy Plus subscription. It provides insights for every team in your league, top trade partners, and more data to help find the right trade.

Here’s how it works:

  • Team analysis: Introduction to the feature by showing your team info, along with your strengths and weaknesses as a trade partner.

  • League rosters: This module lists all teams in your league, shows everyone’s roster along with its respective strengths and weaknesses to help you find the perfect trade partner.

  • Top 3 trade partners: We match your positional strengths to other teams’ weaknesses to suggest who would be the best candidates to complete a trade.

  • Most traded: Highlights the most traded players across all leagues to give you ideas on who might be good players to target.

The Trade Hub is here! (Photo by Yahoo Sports)
The Trade Hub is here! (Photo by Yahoo Sports)

Trade Hub is available on the web for Baseball players today and will be available on the mobile apps and for Fantasy Football (on all platforms!) in July. This great new feature is in addition to all the other exclusive tools available with a Fantasy Plus subscription, including:

  • Research Assistant: Player comparison tool with premium data & exclusive insights to help you make better lineup decisions.

  • Start Optimal Players: Creating the perfect lineup is hard. Update your lineup with the highest-ranked player for the day or week with one click.

  • Team Insights: Unlock strengths and weaknesses for every team in the league as you craft the perfect trade proposal.

  • Advanced Stats: Go beyond the box score and traditional stat categories to take your player analysis to the next level and to evolve your lineup decisions

This is just the beginning for Yahoo Fantasy Plus, so take advantage of the introductory price of $8/year and unlock these features on all platforms for all fantasy games. You can check the features out during a 7-day free trial.

Start your Yahoo Fantasy Plus free trial today, and don't forget to join a fantasy football league with us, too.

We look forward to a great year!

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