Introducing @EngadgetDeals: all the tech deals worth your money

Valentina Palladino
Commerce Editor
Engadget Deals

We’re excited to announce a new Twitter account under the Engadget umbrella: @EngadgetDeals. If its name wasn’t a giveaway, it’s a separate Twitter account that we’re using to bring you all the best gadget deals we can find, as we find them.

We’ve been covering deals in earnest since the end of last year and eventually set aside a dedicated section of our homepage for it. As with gadget news, we don’t look at deals in a vacuum — we’ll tell you why we think a sale is worth checking out, what we like (and don’t like) about a discounted product and if we’ve seen better deals elsewhere. We need to have had a favorable opinion of a product when we reviewed it or went hands-on. If we have mixed feelings, we’ll consider it if our principle complaints have been addressed since launch (and yes, that includes the price).

We also want @EngadgetDeals to be a go-to source when big shopping events come along — Amazon Prime Day, Best Buy’s Labor Day sale, Black Friday, et cetera. During those busy times, we’ll sift through the mountain of deals — many of which aren’t worth your time — and share only the best ones.

For readers who are always searching for a bargain or are chasing a specific gadget, we hope the new @EngadgetDeals feed can be a resource for you. In addition to deals, we’ll also tweet about our latest buying guides, gift guides and product reviews. Our goal with @EngadgetDeals is to make sure you’re an informed shopper — informed not only on the best prices but also which gadgets are worth buying in the first place.