'Intimidation' act at Vic campaign office

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An independent candidate running in the upcoming Victorian election says Kerosene was poured under the front door of her campaign office in an attempt to "intimidate" her.

A family member of Kew teal candidate Sophie Torney saw the man throw pine bark mulch up against the front door of the office in High Street, Kew on Saturday night before confronting him.

The man fled the scene.

On Sunday morning, Ms Torney's staff noticed the strong smell of Kerosene that had seeped into the office under the front door.

Ms Torney says it's not the first run-in with the man, who has previously identified himself as an "anti-abortion activist" and who verbally abused and screamed profanities at staff in the past week.

"This is a condemnable act of political intimidation, an attempt to frighten and silence people who support a woman's right to make their own reproductive choices," Ms Torney said in a statement on Sunday.

"Attacking political campaigns, threatening violence and intimidating volunteers is an attack on democracy."

Police confirmed they were aware of the reported incident but are yet to comment further.