The Internet Is Obsessed With "SNL"'s State Of The Union Skit, And I Haven’t Stopped Laughing Since Saturday Night

If you watched last week's State of the Union address, or if you're chronically online, you heard about the hilarious political chaos that took place.


Well, on Saturday, SNL spoofed the State of the Union, and it was simply brilliant.

They perfectly captured Joe Biden's high energy, and poked fun at Speaker Johnson's awkward facial expressions behind him.

Joe Biden speaking with Johnson in the background in a scene from SNL
NBC / Via

They even nailed Marjorie Taylor Greene's bizarre outburst:

Saturday Night Live sketch with A cast member portraying Marjorie Taylor Greene
NBC / Via

And had Scarlett Johansson as a surprise guest, playing Republican Senator Katie Britt:

  NBC / Via
NBC / Via

People are already saying ScarJo deserves an EGOT for her hilariously accurate performance. Here's a clip:

NBC / @StreamtheVote

"We hear you. We see you. We smell you."

NBC / @jason_kint

One user gave a shoutout to SNL cast member Colin Jost for marrying Scarlett Johansson and giving us this perfect casting. "All the female cast were eagerly awaiting to hear who was getting the coveted part of Katie Britt and then Colin Jost goes, 'Oh, my wife can do it.' And that was that," they surmised.

NBC / @adgirlMM

"SNL could have just had Scarlett Johansson reenact that crazy night and read Katie Britt's psychotic speech word for word," another user wrote. "But instead, they gave us a window into the truth. Bravo."

NBC / @cwebbonline

What do you think about SNL's spoof of the State of the Union? Let us know in the comments below!