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Interim victims' commissioner appointed in Queensland

Mick Tsikas/AAP PHOTOS

Victims of crime will have improved support in navigating the criminal justice system through the appointment of an interim victims' commissioner.

The role was a recommendation of the Queensland Women's Safety and Justice Taskforce 'Hear Her Voice' report, with former police officer Jon Rouse appointed interim commissioner till an incumbent is announced in 2024.

Mr Rouse is tasked with ensuring victims of crime are aware of their legal rights, entitlements and financial assistance in dealing with the justice system.

"And to that end, it is my intent to meet with as many of them as I possibly can to promote the charter of victims' rights in Queensland," he told ABC Radio on Monday.

Mr Rouse will also engage with victim support services and criminal justice agencies to address any additional resources that can be offered.

"Even in my preliminary review of the services and advice available for victims, there is a lot of information available," he said.

"But it's quite clear that our victims of crime in Queensland just aren't aware of it or don't know where to go."

A single point-of-call website with service information has been proposed.

Mr Rouse has spent 27 years working with vulnerable victims and previously led Taskforce Argos, a unit established in 1997 responsible for investigating online child exploitation and abuse.

The government is expected to appoint a permanent commissioner in June 2024.