Interfaith summit to draw on G20 issues


Love your neighbour and you'll improve your business.

The connection between religious freedom and economic benefits will be a central theme of an Interfaith Summit on the Gold Coast.

The director of Griffith University's Centre for Interfaith and Cultural Dialogue, Dr Brian Adams, said the summit will use issues raised during the G20 to foster debate between world faith leaders and commentators.

"Religion is often misunderstood or overlooked as a factor around world events but it has a major role to play from medical ethics to cross-border conflicts to macroeconomics," he said.

"Our aim is to improve the understanding of faith-based perspectives and how they impact on communities."

Summit delegate, Dr Brian Grim, a world expert on religious freedom and business from the United States, said research he'd conducted has shown ensuring people can practise their faith without discrimination is a key factor in ensuring workers are happy and productive.

"Basic religious freedom is very important for people to feel ownership in the society and when you have people wanting to buy into their society that makes people stronger workers," he told AAP as the summit opened on Monday.

"So where religious freedom is strong there's better environment for business to operate, there's more innovation, there's more infrastructure that supports the free market."

The summit runs until Tuesday.