Interested in the future of food? There’s a London festival for that

 (Masha Rostovskaya on Unsplash)
(Masha Rostovskaya on Unsplash)

Ranging from a basic human right to the most extreme display of wealth and luxury, food and drink is an inescapable part of our everyday lives. Farming, AI, sustainability and food scarcity are just some of the topics in urgent need of our collective attention, and if you’re interested in being a part of the conversation, London’s new Future of Food festival might just be a good place to start.

Running from the 18th to 24th September around Regents Street and St. James’s in collaboration with food charity The Felix Project, the event will see restaurants, brands and food experts from around the capital and beyond host a range of talks, dinners and tastings exploring what they believe lies ahead for as little as £14.

Creative food and drink innovation studio Bompas and Parr are kicking things off on the 18th with a panel discussion centred around the food trends of 2024, while Fortnum & Mason will be hosting a talk about regenerative farming on the 23rd, and a dinner titled Ai & Beyond promises an immersive, theatrical experience linked to the power of the internet at the Monarch Theatre on the 22nd.

Meanwhile, chefs Chantelle Nicholson, Anna Haugh, and Sally Abe are hosting a sustainable demo and tasting, while a chef’s table at Fallow on the 19th will focus on the concept of ‘conscious gastronomy’, and executive chef John Williams MBE is set to host a ‘seasonal menu’ at The Ritz on the 20th.

Plus, from now until the 24th, members of the public can pop into Square Mile’s Urban Farm to see, touch and taste the benefits of vertical, hydroponic farming, as well as sample the futuristic farm’s multitude of herbs at daily harvests, with Sapling spirits on 22nd, or at a pesto masterclass on the 21st.

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to know it’ll be a delicious week.

18 - 24 September. Tickets from £14 (