6.0 magnitude quake felt in Aussie city

Bali earthquake on Tuesday 29 August. Picture Google Maps.jpg
A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck the Bali Sea on Tuesday morning. Picture: Google Maps

A second earthquake within 24 hours has been recorded near Indonesia, with the aftershocks being felt as far away as Darwin.

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake was recorded off the coast of Indonesia near the Banda Sea about 2.30pm AEST on Tuesday.

The Bureau of Meteorology confirmed there is no tsunami threat to Australia, despite the earthquake being felt more than 700km away in the Northern Territory.

Darwin resident Ania Lian said she felt the tremors briefly on Tuesday afternoon and wasn’t sure what was happening.

“I am in one of Darwin’s high rises right in CBD and it felt as if the building rocked for about 15 seconds,” Ms Lian said.

“(It was) a bit scary if you are not used to it and if you are high.

“But the buildings are now planned to withstand much more, so, no sweat and (I’m now) moving on with my work.”

The second quake followed an earlier intense magnitude 7.1 earthquake that struck Indonesia on Tuesday morning.

Bali tourists reported the feeling of their beds shaking and hotels swaying at the time.

The earthquake originated in the Bali Sea about 3.55am local time (5.55am AEST) at a depth of about 515km below the ocean surface.

Residents at the Ramada Encore in Seminyak were evacuated intro the streets while any damage was assessed and they waited for further information on potential aftershocks

“Our hotel swayed which was rather terrifying,” hotel guest Elissa Doherty told the NCA NewsWire.

A hotel in Bali where an earthquake just rocked the ground. Picture: Elissa Doherty
A Seminyak hotel where guests were evacuated after a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Picture: Elissa Doherty
A hotel in Bali where an earthquake just rocked the ground. Picture: Elissa Doherty
Some guests stayed on sun loungers near the pool even after they were cleared to return to their rooms. Picture: Elissa Doherty

“Most of us were woken up as our beds were shaking non-stop.”

Hundreds of people piled into the street, while some people took up sun loungers by the pool to get some more sleep.

Some people stayed outside by the pool even after the hotel guests were told it was safe to return to their rooms.

Bali tourists took to social media to report waking up early in the morning to the ground moving and buildings shaking.

One said she woke to her “whole villa shaking”, describing it as a “frightening” experience.

“Shaken out of bed a few minutes ago by an earthquake here in Bali, and my foggy brain is like, STAY INSIDE OR GO OUTSIDE? TAKE THE DUTY FREE VODKA OR LEAVE IT?,: another person posted to X.

“Woke up at 4am here in Bali with hotel swaying,” a third person wrote.