Integrity commission sought by Christmas

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has called on the coalition to respect the wishes of the Australian people by supporting the Albanese government setting up a national anti-corruption watchdog by Christmas.

The House of Representatives and Senate began a fortnight of sittings on Monday.

The lower house's schedule has been cleared on Tuesday and Wednesday for the National Anti-Corruption Commission legislation to be debated and passed.

Mr Dreyfus told parliament there would be robust debate about the bills, but said the chamber should not lose sight of the message given by voters, to deliver a commission with "teeth and without delay".

"This is an opportunity for this house to come together, respect the mandate given by the Australian people and support these bills," he said.

"This government stands ready to deliver and I call on all sides of the parliament to join us in that task."

If Labor cannot get the support of the Liberal-National coalition, the government will need the Greens and one crossbencher in the Senate to secure the bill.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Sunday said he was prepared to extend parliament's sitting days to allow the government's bills to be properly considered.