International Dog Day: Instagram’s most loved dogs

Insta-pooches to follow this International Dog Day (Hannah Lim/Unsplash)
Insta-pooches to follow this International Dog Day (Hannah Lim/Unsplash)

For International Dog Day this weekend, we are listing the most popular pup profiles on Instagram to bring a little puppy love to your Instagram feed.

So why not fill your feed with a few Insta-famous furry friends for a guaranteed smile next time you scroll?

Here are a collection of Instagram’s most famous pooches.

1. Jiffpom

Jiffpom was an LA-based 12-year-old Pomeranian. The most followed dog on the internet, Jiffpom holds the Guinness World Records for his social media following as well as his incredible talent for walking on two legs – not just an incredibly pretty face.

Seeming almost too cute to be true, Jiffpom was rumoured to be a fake! However many fans, including celebs such as Katy Perry and Ariana Grande, have met the social media star and can confirm that no one is being dog-fished. Jiffpom was the real deal and sure to bring a smile to your Insta feed.

2. Doug the pug

Doug the Pug, winner of two People’s Choice Animal Star awards, is a little dog with a big heart. His grid features dress-up photos, singalongs with his owner and crazy dog massage techniques such as ‘How to give your dog a croissant massage’.

Doug is also a canine with a cause and has established the Doug The Pug Foundation, bringing joy and support to children battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. For a feel-good follow, Doug the Pug is your man.

3. Maru

Next up is the majestic Maru, a Shiba Inu who lives and works in Japan.

Never without his heart-melting smile, Maru makes friends everywhere he goes. He has his very own merchandise store, covering everything from socks to sushi bowls but still finds time for his fans, posting adorable goodnight and good morning messages every day, without fail. If that kind of commitment is something you need in your feed, make sure to follow Maru.

4. Bulldog Blogger

Doggy dress-up isn’t for everyone but if you are a fan of fancy dress then Bulldog Blogger has to be your next follow. Russian-born English bulldog, Karamelka takes dog dress-up to the next level with outfits ranging from Darth Vadar to Harry Potter, not to mention leprechauns for St Patrick’s Day, ski suits for the winter and a casual cowboy in collaboration with Rockstar Games. Every picture quite literally tells a story, with Karamelka outlining her costume character’s story in the caption of each post. For content that’s anything but samey, hit up Bulldog Blogger.

5. Tuna

If your feed is missing pics of a pup looking constantly worried, awkward and uncomfortable, then meet Tuna the Chiweenie. This chihuahua-dachshund crossbreed is unconventionally cute and his awkward little smile is sure to keep you scrolling for more. His Insta bio reads: ‘If you could use a little bit of joy & laughter, you’ve come to the right place!’ and that pretty much sums it up.

6. Maya the Samoyed

Maya the Samoyed is more than just a pretty face, she is a snacking queen who is known for eating colourful snacks and attracting viewers for resembling a polar bear.

The pet influencer is big both on Instagram and YouTube with a total following of more than 3 million.

7. Loki the Wolfdog

Loki’s account has gathered over 2 million followers across all accounts.

The owners’ attempts to foster dogs and collect money for humanitarian causes, including most recently assisting a child with cancer secure a service dog, have been supported by Loki's devoted admirers, who range from famous musicians and athletes to regular people.

8. Tika the Iggy

This Italian Greyhound is known for its custom designer apparel and sitting front row at New York, Milan and Paris fashion weeks.

On several platforms, her account delivers sizzling looks and imparts knowledge to almost 3 million users.