Instagram influencer's 'disgusting' bath item for fans sells out

A popular social media influencer who brings a particularly erotic flair to gaming cosplay has sent the internet into overdrive with her “weird” and “disgusting” offer to fans.

British internet personality Belle Delphine has cultivated a loyal online following with her highly sexualised antics and racy selfies.

In her latest lust-filled stunt, she posted a video to her 3.7 million Instagram followers offering up “gamer girl bath water”. In the clip she appears sitting in a bath in a swimsuit and proceeds to fill up jars of water in salacious fashion.

The jars, she says, will be available online for purchase at $43 a pop.

Well, talk about knowing your audience. It seems they were a hit.

Belle smiles for the camera in a suggestive manner while filling up her used bath water into jars.
She was selling the used bath water for $43 each. Source: Instagram/Belle19

“So my bath water SOLD OUT wtf…,” she wrote in a follow up post a couple days later.

“I will be making some more soon but its (sic) been honestly a weird couple of days taking SO many baths LMAO,” she said.

“I didn't expect this many people to be so interested, but if you wanted one … they will be back soon!”

The internet personality has an online store and a Patreon account where she directs fans who want more explicit content.

In her store, she clarifies that the bath water jars are “not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes”.

She’s hardly the most controversial thing on the internet but the less sordid among us have expressed discomfort with her actions.

Instagram users labelled the stunt as “weird”, “gross” and “disgusting”.

“This is the stupidest thing I've seen ever,” one person commented on the post.

“I’ve pretty much given up on humanity at this point,” exclaimed another.

Others, however, cheered her on with one expressing jealousy over the entrepreneurial way she makes her money.

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