Instagram couple hit back after 'idiotic' kissing photo slammed online

Photo: Instagram/backpackdiariez
Photo: Instagram/backpackdiariez

An Instagram travel couple has defended a risky photo shared online, after it was labelled ‘dangerous’ and ‘idiotic’.

London couple Jean and Camille, who are originally from Brussels, have amassed 180k Instagram followers by sharing artsy and creative photos from their world travels.

But this image of the pair gripping onto the side of a blue train during a trip to Sri Lanka, and leaning out over a huge drop above a forest for a kiss, didn’t sit well with many of their fans.

“We couldn’t think of a better picture to describe our couple. Blind trust in each other, no matter what. Living on the edge (sometimes a bit too much),” they captioned the image, which has received 45k likes.

While many commented saying the photo was “amazing” or “spectacular”, others pointed out how dangerous the stunt was, and the possibility of copy cats getting injured when trying to replicate the shot.

“This is insane,” one person wrote.

“Hope you guys have a good life insurance plan,” another said.

“Are you really ready to die for a pic?” another person asked.

“It’s pure stupidity, I hope no one will die trying to do the same but if this happens it will be all on you,” was another response.

“Blind trust in the handrail, idiots,” a comment read.

Camille and Jean responded to the backlash by sharing a new “less dangerous, don’t worry, be happy, kind of picture” instead.

Beneath it they also explained that they would never risk their safety or health for the perfect photo.

“It’s true that it looks as if sometimes we are doing dangerous stuff walking on high walls, climbing on slippery rocks or hanging out of trains, but we’re always completely in control of the situation and appearances are not reality,” the pair wrote.

It comes after another travel couple was labelled ‘moronic’ and ‘dangerous’, after posting a perilous photo in an infinity pool.

Kelly Castille and Kody Workman, an American couple living in Bali, shared an image taken at the Kayon Jungle Resort in Ubud with their 63k Instagram followers, which showed Kody holding Kelly over the edge of a three-story pool, her entire bikini-clad body dangling over a mysterious chasm.

The couple hit back at the criticism, defending the shot and highlighting that it wasn’t as dangerous as it appeared.

“First and foremost, there is another pool below that we cropped out of the shot for dramatisation,” they said in a joint statement to Fox News.

“We are both in good shape, we know our bodies and in turn, we know our limits,” Kody also added when speaking with Insider.

“We had faith in each other and trust to pull this off and so we made the choice as a team to shoot it.”

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