Insiders confirm ‘odd’ behavior of Polish delegate at Ukraine talks

Michał Kołodziejczak
Michał Kołodziejczak

Poland’s Deputy Agriculture Minister, Michal Kolodziejczak, was "behaving oddly" during recent negotiations between Ukrainian and Polish trade delegations, Polish industry associations sources told Polish news outlet Onet on March 29.

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The association members, who talked to the journalists, requested anonymity.

One participant said the parties were very close to a compromise when "suddenly there was an outburst from Michal."

During hours of the meeting, Kolodziejczak "constantly left" the negotiation room, read something on his smartphone, and "occupied himself with anything but the discussion," according to the report's source.

“When we were moving towards the end of the talks and [Polish Agriculture] Minister [Czeslav] Sekerski briefly left the room, Michal suddenly attacked representatives of the Ukrainian delegation who — I must note — were very well-prepared for this meeting,” one source said.

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“They showed during their presentation how much grain was contracted [to come through Poland] and explained that they couldn't breach contracts signed a year ago.”

Furthermore, the source recounted that "a turning point" came when the Ukrainian delegation requested permission for grain transit through Poland.

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"The deputy minister began his assault," the publication quotes this meeting participant.

Another participant explained that Kolodziejczak’s behavior may seem strange to those meeting him for the first time.

“It looked bad because after Kolodziejczak’s 'performance' the thread of conversation was lost,” they said.

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“Of course, one should advocate their arguments forcefully, but not aggressively. I don't know if the meeting would have ended with an agreement, but the deputy minister's actions certainly didn't bring us closer to one.”

He added that after the talks, the Polish agricultural and trade associations discussed this episode with Kolodziejczak and "hope something will change."

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