Insane 'mothership structure' weather pattern caught on camera

Dramatic vision has been captured of a mind-blowing “mothership structure” in action as it moved across acres of corn fields.

Storm photographer Ryan Shepard shared his incredible time-lapse of the development of a huge storm as it traversed Bird City in Kansas on August 12.

Photos captured from footage showed a deep blue coloured sky swirled into one giant circle with its own storms occurring from within.

The giant clouds took on colours of electric blue, bright purple, white and even pink as bolts of lightning struck in angry flashes of light.

Dramatic photos showed a monstrous weather system sweeping across corn crops. Source: Ryan Shephard via Nine News

In a post to his photography Facebook page, Mr Shephard said he was grateful to have come away with such incredible evidence of the spectacular natural event.

“I was so blown away yesterday evening by the structure near Bird City, KS! After sunset the blue hour really stood out with this scene,” he wrote to the site on August 13.

“(It was a) Mothership structure in August, (and) a wonderful early Birthday present to me.”

A series of powerful storms caused widespread chaos across western Kansas earlier this week, with more than 7000 people left without power.

The "mothership" shown moving across the Kansas countryside. Source: Ryan Shephard via Nine News

Areas including Ellis, Rooks and Rush counties were hit the worst, along with parts of Interstate 70 which were closed due to the wild weather.

Social media users were awestruck by Mr Shephard’s work, describing it as “beautiful”, “stunning” and “excellent”.

“Mother nature is giving you a real live present,” someone wrote in a comment.

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