Inquiry's servers detail search for Liberal members

The wife of a former Liberal state executive member appeared nervous and evasive while denying knowing where he was when a process server came looking for him to appear at a NSW parliamentary inquiry, a letter alleges.

The letter is one of two released on Wednesday detailing how private servers travelled more than 1900 kilometres in their search for Christian Ellis, his mother Hills Shire councillor Virginia Ellis and Jean-Claude Perrottet, the younger brother of NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet.

The trio went to ground two weeks ago after requests to appear before the inquiry into improper influence on a Sydney council.

The probe was launched after Liberal MP Ray Williams used parliamentary privilege to allege several senior party members had been paid to install councillors onto the Hills Shire Council to be friendly to developer Jean Nassif.

Mr Perrottet has dismissed the inquiry as a Labor-led political hit job weeks out from the state election.

In a letter to the inquiry, process servers Tim Tierney and Associates said they spoke to Mr Ellis's wife at a family farm in southern NSW on Saturday.

The agent asked her if Mr Ellis was home, to which she replied, "No, his (sic) not here."

"I don't know his movements. I do not know where he is. I am sorry but I cannot help you," the wife said, according to the letter.

The agent "noted the female person to appear nervous and evasive in the answers towards the agent", the letter said.

On another occasion, an agent attended a homestead linked to the Ellises at night and noted several parked cars, the lights on and hearing voices.

But the voices ceased after the agent knocked at the door.

"Despite door-knocking for a number of minutes, no person would answer the door," the letter said.

Agents also attended several hotels, an RSL club and other properties apparently linked to the Ellises.

Another process server told the inquiry it had made six attempts in recent days to find the trio.

In one attempt to find Jean-Claude Perrottet, three men confirmed he worked at a particular company but they hadn't seen him lately.

Another male employee then told the agent Jean-Claude was on leave.

Ms Ellis also failed to appear at Hills council monthly meeting on Tuesday night.

Upper house Labor MP and committee member John Graham has told AAP the committee hoped the trio would decide to report to the inquiry.

"We're calling on them to co-operate. We're calling on the public to report their whereabouts," Mr Graham said on Tuesday.

The premier declined to answer questions on Tuesday about his younger brother's whereabouts, having last week told reporters to leave his family out of his political affairs.

When asked why Jean-Claude had failed to answer the inquiry's requests, the premier said "that's a matter for him."

Another of the premier's brothers, Charles Perrottet, was also called to give evidence but declined in a defiant letter on Monday.

"I will not be participating in your Labor-Greens circus," Charles wrote in a letter seen by the Daily Telegraph.

As a resident of Victoria, Charles can not be summonsed to appear before a NSW parliamentary inquiry.