Inquiry to examine long COVID impacts

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The effects of long COVID will be put under the microscope as part of a new parliamentary inquiry.

The House of Representatives health committee will examine both the health, economic and educational impacts of long COVID as well as repeated infections.

It is expected the inquiry will also look into how long COVID is affecting groups that face a bigger risk of illness due to their age, health conditions or disability.

The inquiry's chair, Labor MP Mike Freelander, said long COVID was emerging as a significant health issue.

"Currently, we have limited understanding of these issues, and it is hoped that this inquiry will build a picture of the health, educational and economic impacts long COVID and repeated COVID are having," he said.

"The committee wants to draw upon the experience and insights of healthcare service providers supporting patients with long COVID and repeated COVID infections to better understand the impacts on Australia's overall health system."

Long COVID is where symptoms of the virus remain or develop several weeks after the initial infection.

The World Health Organisation has estimated between 10 and 20 per cent of people who have contracted COVID-19 will have ongoing symptoms after the initial infection.

Inquiry deputy chair, Liberal MP Melissa McIntosh, said diagnosis and treatment of long COVID would also be a key part of the committee's work.

Submissions will be open to members of the public until November 18.