Inmates lift hunger strike at Bolivian prison

La Paz (AFP) - Inmates at one of Bolivia's most dangerous prisons called off a hunger strike Thursday after reaching a deal with authorities over their food allowance, an official said.

About 500 inmates agreed to suspend the strike after accepting an adjustment to their daily food budget and other benefits, said Jorge Lopez, national director of prisons, according to the official news agency ABI.

Prisoners had gone on hunger strike three days earlier at the Palmasola maximum security prison in protest over their daily food budget, which was less than that for police dogs and horses.

The agreement means the inmates will accept a modest increase already proposed by the government. In addition, a prison health center will be constructed, with medical items financed by the government.

Lopez said a new prison workshop might also be installed.

The Palmasola prison, nearly 50 years old, was built to hold 600 prisoners but is now overflowing with nearly 5,000 men and women. It drew global attention when Pope Francis visited in July.

A war between rival prison gangs in 2013 left more than 30 people dead.