Influencer's 'dangerous' decision just days after testing positive

An Instagram influencer has caused widespread fury after testing positive for coronavirus and deciding to take a family holiday instead of self-isolating.

Arielle Charnas, a New York-based fashion blogger, revealed to her 1.3 million followers on March 18 that she had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

“While the virus seems to be everywhere that you turn, its meaning and importance completely changes when it affects you personally,” she wrote.

“Now that I've officially tested positive, here is my plan per the recommendation of my doctors: Continue to quarantine/self-isolate.”

Arielle Charnas (left) appears to be in the Hamptons less than a week after a positive COVID-19 test. Source: Instagram/ Arielle Charnas

However, about a week later, Ms Charnas pictured herself outside on several occasions. 

She, along with her husband and their children, have travelled to the Hamptons instead of isolating, the New York Post reported. 

Photos on her account appear to support the allegation.

On Twitter, people were furious Ms Charnas decided to ignore the order to self-isolate after her diagnosis.

“She is vile,” one woman tweeted.

Ms Charnas was also criticised for getting access to a COVID-19 test through a friend. Source: Instagram/ Arielle Charnas

Another woman tweeted it made her “blood boil”.

Others added they were “disgusted” and called her behaviour “nuts”.

“What is wrong with her?” another woman tweeted.

It’s not the only criticism Ms Charnas has copped lately.

On March 15, when she became ill, Ms Charnas drew criticism for documenting her visit to a doctor friend of hers on Instagram to get a COVID-19 test.

People accused her of “skipping the queue” and using her connections to get a test many people can’t due to a shortage.

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