Influencer Tammy Hembrow divides with 'ridiculous' photoshoot: 'So weird'

The fitness influencer has stunned with her latest snap.

Fitness influencer Tammy Hembrow has shocked her fans after she shared a behind-the-scenes video of her latest photoshoot.

The founder of the TammyFit app, who has more than 15 million followers on Instagram, has been compared to Kim Kardashian after her pose was reminiscent of the reality star's iconic snap where she posed with a champagne glass on her backside.

The photo shows Tammy on the ground on all fours wearing a racy metallic full-piece swimsuit with a skimpy g-string cut. She has teamed the swimsuit with huge silver platform shoes.

In a video posted to Instagram of the shoot, Tammy is then seen lifting a leg up in the air with a tray of oysters leaning on her heel.

Tammy Hembrow sticks a leg in the air with an oyster tray balancing on her heel.
Tammy Hembrow divides fans with her oyster snap promoting her upcoming challenge. Source: Instagram/@tammyhembrow

"Not only is there a new challenge starting in Jan ... but we also have soo many new recipes coming to the app including my FAVE oyster mignonette," she captioned the video.

Some fans went wild for the snap, commenting on how amazing the influencer looked.

"This is better than the Kim K champagne shoot," one wrote alongside fire emojis.

"Obsessed isn't even the word," another wrote.

"This shot is incredible," a third added.


Other fans however criticised the star's daring pose, with one dubbing it "ridiculous".

"This was unnecessarily extra," one wrote.

"WTF is this?" another questioned while a follower agreed, "So weird".

A different comment read: 'Desperately trying".

The latest snap comes just months after the fitness influencer was targeted by trolls when she posted a photo of her breastfeeding.

The influencer posted a photo from Bali with her daughter Posy when she copped "disgusting" comments.

While most of her fans loved that Tammy was highlighting breastfeeding in public, there were some "unhinged" trolls that started to sexualise the mother of three.

Many fans however hit back at the trolls for their "disturbing" comments, saying it was why some women felt uncomfortable breastfeeding in public.

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