Indonesia detains 103 Taiwanese in a raid in Bali involving suspected cybercrime

DENPASAR, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesian immigration authorities have detained 103 Taiwanese people after a raid at a villa on the resort island of Bali, officials said Friday.

They were accused of misusing their visas and residence permits and are suspected of possible cybercrimes, Safar Muhammad Godam, director of immigration supervision and enforcement at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights told reporters at a news conference.

Godam said Indonesian authorities cannot charged them with conducting cybercrime. “During the inspection, we know that they are targeting people in Malaysia. They did their activities in Indonesia but the victims are in other countries, so it is very difficult to fulfill the criminal elements,” Godam said.

He added the 103 will be deported soon.

Immigration authorities conducted the raid Wednesday at a villa in Kukuh village in Tabanan district and detained 91 men and 12 women. Computers and cellphones were also seized, they said.

“They are suspected of not having documents and misuse of immigration permits. Currently, the possibility of cybercrime is being investigated based on the number of computers and cellphones found at the scene,” Silmy Karim, the director general of immigration, said in a statement Thursday.

Authorities distributed photos showing dozens of detainees lying on their stomachs next to a swimming pool and the three-story villa. All are being held at a detention center in Denpasar, Bali, officials said.

Authorities said they are investigating whether the group might have ties to international syndicates.

Indonesia’s Directorate General of Immigration plans to carry out another joint operation to monitor foreign nationals in Bali. It aims to ensure that foreigners are staying on the island in accordance with regulations and to maintain order and security.


Tarigan reported from Jakarta.