India's virus cases surge by almost 10,000

India has suffered another record spike with more than 9800 new coronavirus cases in a day

India's Health Ministry has reported another record spike in new coronavirus cases - more than 9800 in the past 24 hours.

India's total number of confirmed cases stands at 226,770 with 6348 deaths, 273 of them in the past 24 hours, the ministry said on Friday. The ministry says the overall rate of recovery for coronavirus patients is around 48 per cent.

There has been a surge in infections in rural areas with the return of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers who had left cities and towns after losing their jobs due to a nationwide lockdown.

The more than two-month-old lockdown is largely being enforced only in high-risk areas, known as containment zones.

The government has partially restored train service and domestic flights and allowed the reopening of shops and manufacturing.

E-commerce companies have started to deliver goods, including those considered non-essential, to places outside containment zones.

Metro service and schools and colleges, however, remain closed nationwide.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, meanwhile, announced India was contributing $15 million to an international vaccine alliance.