India's coronavirus cases pass 9 million

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India total number of coronavirus cases has crossed the nine million mark, with the capital New Delhi continuing to report rising cases despite a nationwide downward trend of daily infections.

The country has the world's second-highest number of COVID-19 infections after the United States but the number of new cases daily have been declining after hitting a peak in September.

The country recorded 45,882 new cases since Thursday, taking its total to 90,04,365, according to the morning update on the federal health ministry website.

There were 584 fatalities connected with the virus in the same period, bringing the total death toll to 132,162, the world's third highest after the US and Brazil.

New Delhi reported 7546 new cases, the highest in the country, and 98 deaths since Thursday.

The local government has begun a house-to-house survey to detect COVID-19 cases and jacked up the fine for not wearing a mask in an effort to contain the renewed surge.