India captures Chinese soldier on border

Rick Goodman
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A Chinese soldier has been captured by India on its side of a disputed border in the Ladakh region, an Indian Army spokesman says.

The soldier had crossed the line of actual control in the area south of the Pangong Tso Lake in the early hours of Friday and was taken into custody by Indian troops deployed in the area, Indian Army spokesman Aman Anand said.

China called for the swift return of the soldier it said is being held after disappearing along the border.

The China Military Online, a news portal run by the military's official PLA Daily, said Indian Authorities should "promptly transfer" the soldier back to China and "jointly maintain peace and tranquility in the border area".

India and China have been locked in a serious stand-off since May along the line of actual control, an informal border, in the mountainous Ladakh region.

Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in June in the worst confrontation between the neighbours in 45 years.

China and India are in talks to de-escalate the situation and pull back troops, but there has been no resolution yet.

There is a large mobilisation of troops from both sides along the line of control in remote mountainous terrain.

The Chinese Army soldier is being treated according to established procedures and the circumstances under which he crossed the line of control are being investigated, Anand said.

In a similar incident in October, India captured a Chinese soldier who had strayed across the line of control. He was handed back to the Chinese Army after two days.

- with Reuters