Incredible vision shows huge tsunami of dust take over Australian outback

A family have pulled over in the middle of the road to watch an impressive sand storm that looked like a tsunami of orange dust in the outback of Australia.

Katie McKid, 40 filmed the footage on New Years Eve which shows her husband Rob Trespess, 41, originally from the UK, watching the storm.

The clip shows a huge cloud of orange dust filling the sky and as the storm intensifies, Robert jumps back into the car to join Katie and their eight-year-old daughter, Summer.

“It looked like the huge Australian rock called, Uluru, in the distance and we were quite amazed by the sight and we were also surprised at how quickly it seemed to loom up ahead of us,” Ms McKid said.

Robert Trespress watches as the cloud of orange dust fills the sky. Source: Caters

“We pulled over on a clear patch of road to witness it and get some photos but it was even more amazing than I had thought. It rolled towards us like a huge tsunami of dust.

“The storm front passed in less than five minutes but it left a thick dust haze in its wake.

“It was quite eerie, and it went very dark, but red and visibility was very low.

“We could barely see the guide post in front of the car. It was amazing to experience.”

The family were heading to New Year’s Eve celebrations, when they saw the thick dust haze.

The dust storm left an eerie red haze it its wake. Source: Caters

“I was born out here but have never seen something like this in my lifetime,” Ms McKid said.

“I have heard my parents and grandparents talk about dust storms like this, but I had never experienced it for myself.

“We spent New Year’s Day cleaning dust from the house, but we found it to be an amazing experience and were grateful to have been there to witness it.”

– Caters